Welcome to the Global Research Alliance Modeling Platform (GRAMP)

The Global Research Alliance Modeling Platform (GRAMP) provides a place where you can share information about biogeochemical ecosystem modeling and connect with other researchers. Through GRAMP your research and ideas can improve model predictions of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in the context of climate change.

We hope that over time the number of models that are included as part of GRAMP will grow.  Currently, the DeNitrification-DeComposition model (DNDC) is the only supported model.

DeNitrification-DeComposition model (DNDC)

DNDC is a computer simulation model of carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry ecosystems. The model can be used for predicting plant growth, soil temperature and moisture regimes, soil carbon dynamics, nitrogen leaching, and emissions of trace gases including nitrous oxide (N2O), nitric oxide (NO), dinitrogen (N2), ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). DNDC is well-calibrated in many ecosystems around the world and has an extensive family tree that includes model versions specific to agriculture, manure management systems, forestry, and wetlands in addition to geographically specific versions in numerous regions around the world.

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